Recently I attended a regional leadership school. One of the projects they had us do was creating a project from scratch. At the end of the four days, we presented in front of what we called the deathboard, who did their best to tear us apart.

And I actually enjoyed it.

The purpose was to teach us how to think on our feet as well as respond to in-depth questions at any real presentations. I’ve been working on public speaking, so I enjoyed the challenge.

Before the presentation, one of the adults asked me if I was nervous. I said no – we’ve all done what we can, and now we just had to finish it.

Besides, what’s the point in worrying?

Worrying doesn’t actually change anything. There’s a certain freedom that comes with realizing that the only thing you can do is give it your best, and that anything else is beyond your control. What happens happens.

Worrying, if anything, just means you won’t do as good. Worrying can make you speak faster, mess up more, stumble, forget, and just completely screw up. Worrying just messes things up.

It’s a hard mentality to find, but it’s a great one to have and makes life a lot easier.