A while ago, I went through a phase. Specifically, I went through the I’m not that type of girl phase. 

Basically, I disowned all “girly” things: skirts, dress shoes, make-up, jewelry, etc. I had it in my head that using those things would somehow make me either a bratty, mean cheerleader or a weak damsel in distress. 

Recently, I started wearing dresses, putting make up on, and even making my own jewelry, yet I became neither of the above. Why? 

It’s almost as if none of those things actually had an effect on my personality. 

Our society has made major leaps towards equality between men and women, yet girliness seemed to have been lost a century or two back. So now a woman can be just as tough as a man, but a “girly girl”? No way. 

Here’s a fact: I have gone from a Civil Air Patrol uniform into nice church clothes within hours with no problem. Everyone summer I attend the Cadet Training Schools – a traditionally “masculine” activity – and a classy, dress-up music school. Wearing pumps and a skirt one day has yet to have an effect on wearing combat boots and leather jackets the next. 

After all, my mom used to say that a real lady can feel elegant in sweat pants and comfortable in a dress.