It’s one thing to do something because someone pointed a finger at you and said “do this”.

It’s another thing to do something because you want to do it; because it’s something that you need to do to get where you’re going, or to help you’re family, or any other motives you might have.

And that’s what I love about this lyric. Here, Moana says that she is doing what she is because of the latter reason, not the above. She isn’t out there because the ocean chose her (like she’s said so many times before), but because she chose to be out there saving her island.

I love this quote because of that. As a musician, I guess I can relate. Music never pointed a finger at me and told me practice – there is something in me that isn’t satisfied unless I practice. Nothing external pulls me to writing; the plots, characters, and need to get it down on paper so it will stop banging around in my head is why I write.

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Quote from the song “I Am Moana” from the movie Moana.