There are obvious benefits to liking something of high quality. You can learn something, or expand your view, or many other things.

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking low quality things either.

For instance, I like the band Linkin Park. Musically, the songs aren’t up to what I like to pretend my standards are. But they are fast, don’t sound like knives on a chalk board, and the lyrics are horrible either (and are actually better than what it sounds like from that summary). So I listen to their songs as well as the beautiful, flowing, violin pieces I actually don’t listen to that much despite liking to pretend I do.

Another example is The Testing series by Joelle Charbonneau. It’s not high quality writing, and the plot is highly simple and predictive, but it’s an enjoyable light read and I read it all the way through.

Point is, there is no shame in liking something below what your standards are/usually are/what you say they are. If you like it, and it’s not – for lack of a better term – problematic, go for it.