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February 2017

“You Can Say What Is or Fight For It”

People love to complain. People don't love to fix the things they complain about. Sometimes in life, you can't fix it. But most of the time, you can. You have a choice - just say what's wrong, or try to... Continue Reading →


“In all my years I’ve never seen someone with the name tag ‘society’ “

I was at a leadership camp last winter break, and we were talking about cheating. More specifically, we were talking about what caused cheating. The talker, Civil Air Patrol's Major Dana Moss, brought up three things that could be responsible:... Continue Reading →

Poem: Squirrel in the Middle of the Road

Sometimes I feel like a Squirrel in the middle of the road

“Love can heal what hurt divides”

Hurt divides a lot. It divides families, friends, other groups of people, and even other groups of people. But love can heal even the toughest divisions. The only thing is we have to be honest about the fact that we... Continue Reading →

Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes. It's a fact of life. And some of those mistakes are bound to be made in front of other people, during a test that is highly important, or both.

“You Can Learn To Fly On The Way Down”

Fear is complicated. On the one hand, fear is good. Fear is what makes drivers follow the rules of the road. Fear is what pays the check of the thousands of workers in the horror movie industry. Fear tells us... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Favorite Songs With Links (Because I Have Nothing Better To Do)

Because why not?

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