Fear is complicated.

On the one hand, fear is good. Fear is what makes drivers follow the rules of the road. Fear is what pays the check of the thousands of workers in the horror movie industry. Fear tells us to turn the stove off before we leave our house. Fear keeps us from doing stupid stuff that injures us (like drive over the wall on a go-kart track).

On the other hand, fear is bad. Fear is what has me putting off tests that I think I’ll fail. Fear is what keeps us from going up to someone, holding out our hands,  and saying “Hi, I’m _”. Fear tells us the worst-case scenario in everything we do, even when it’s as likely as winning the lottery. Fear tells us to slow down when your on the go-kart track because you might crash into the small little walls and break your neck (and then what cool story will you tell your friends the next day?)

We all fail. We climb mountains, ladders, and whatever metaphors you can think of just to slip and fall back down. But sometimes, we have to remember that the fall isn’t the worst thing on Earth.

Besides, sometimes you can learn to fly on the way down.

Quote from the Maddie and Tae song “Fly”.