Sometimes I feel like a
Squirrel in the middle of the road
Stuck between two yellow lines
Stared down by two yellow lights

On one side of me is familiar territory
Cold and frosted, but familiar and friendly
Part of me longs to be over there, after all
That was the intended destination

The other side is unknown and
Newly discovered, but warm and sunny
And where the other squirrels seem to be
Migrating towards, but I’m stuck

Stuck between a warm place and a
Familiar place, between home and family
Between safe arrival and new adventure
Between two yellow lines on a busy street

Every time I look in one direction
It’s where I want to go but
I turn my head and the other side
Seems just as compelling

The left is new but the right beckons opportunity as well
The unmarked territory across the street covers any similar chances
But everything over there is adventure, and it’s adventure
That will last for much longer than that one chance on the right

I have a problem; I seem to have
The decisiveness of a squirrel
In the middle of the road
Caught between home and family

But the drunk driver driving down the
Middle of the road has no sympathy for me
For to time I am as insignificant as a squirrel
Who simply can’t choose between left and right

Every second that passes brings me closer to choosing
But what should I choose? I can’t even fathom
Giving up home, but family and sunshine play
At my imagination and beckon me closer

But I will have to choose
And soon, too, and sooner
Every day I wait stuck
In the middle of the road